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Fighting Stance

Balance yourself on the balls of your feet. Left foot leads forward, slightly cocked right – right foot back shoulder width apart and half a foot back (this can reverse for leftys). Legs bent slightly at the knees for balance and play. Place both arms in a ‘Boxer’ position, where the elbows block the ribs/lungs/liver and hug your outside pecs; your fists should be off of your face, but clenched and covering your jawline (as a direct hit to the jaw can lay you out fast, or as Barny would describe it, “shutdown” for a body). Your jaw should be cocked down, eyes looking forward and slightly up against your brow as an added protection to your face.

The stance should allow for quick ‘stomp’ and ‘shifting’ movements, as we’ll add later. The arm placement should be slightly loose and yet resilient to attack. If you have trouble gauging how low your jaw line should be, a common training method it seems is to hold a tennis ball in between your jaw and your neck/collar bone.

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  1. stevan03
    November 6th, 2010 at 4:08 am

    i like krav maga

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