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Throat Strike

Not a recommended strike; both for it’s effectiveness, and for it’s potential danger to the opponent (though I’ve heard contrary statements from various instructors). There is still the potential to break the trachea of an opponent, and strikes with knuckle or inner hand are recommended to be avoided in favor of a fist.

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  1. aaron
    March 8th, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    I was punched in the throat once when I was in 8th grade. Another kid hit me with a closed fist uppercut right on my adam’s apple and it totally disabled me, I was sucking air and it hurt seriously bad! I felt it the rest of the day, and it was hard to breathe. Totally effective on me. That was then though, it would probably hard to target and if delivered by an adult it seems you could put someone in hospital or kill them if you landed it full force.

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