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Straight Punch

A direct punch from the guard position that leads the fist to a violent, straight, connection. Punch, always, with the index and middle knuckles as the point of contact. These bones connect direct through the hands and the forearm – providing greater stability for an attack and improved resistance to injury. Punching with the fist angled, and leading with the ring and pinky fingers can result in Boxers Fracture. For added damage and/or possible stability depending on your teacher, you may twist the wrist a split second before contact with your opponent (so that the hand is parallel to your eye line, versus the perpendicular delivery).

When leading with a straight punch, step into the straight for added power (force of movement and body weight); this step is typically with the same side foot and, as Krav Maga teaches, delivered with a quick stomp for power. Above all, any punch with one hand should leave your opposite hand in the guard position and ready for attack or protection.

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  1. heavine de gannes
    February 26th, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    I’m really interested in learning I krav maga is so applicable in this day and age

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