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Straight Forward Knee

Grip the attacker, either by the shirt or by the skin if you have too, assertively: lead forearm and elbow braces his neck while you hold onto his back if you’re able, alternate arm grabs the side slight back while the forearm presses on their arm bend or with a hand on their arm directly. Your lead leg (on the side of the hand not touching the neck/shoulder of the attacker) is pushed forward for balance while the opposite leg is cocked back ready to fire. Aggressively hold and pull the body of the assailant into your knee while you bring your knee forward swiftly. Barney note: if you must, aim like your hands are going to your knee (as if there were no object in between the two). It’s an instinctual movement that can be done with your eyes closed.

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This information is for Brady J. Frey's personal training records & is not intended as a replacement for live, professional Krav Maga training. I am in no way responsible for your disregard to this warning. Please contact me if you have questions.