Krav Maga Training Diary Brady J. Frey

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Choke from the side

Aiming for the inside, direct throat, hand; pluck the grip with an aggressive ‘rip’ with the far hand, using your inside arm for a downward hammer-fist into the opponents groin. Immediately raise the attack arm elbow back and up towards the opponents face using a #5 elbow technique, but not to make contact, only to make space. When the elbow reaches shoulder level, cock it back for a #3 elbowto the opponents face. Based on your position, you may shift into a hook punch using the right fist, followed by a forward knee to the opponents groin, or any other combinations that will hasten a safe escape.

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This information is for Brady J. Frey's personal training records & is not intended as a replacement for live, professional Krav Maga training. I am in no way responsible for your disregard to this warning. Please contact me if you have questions.