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Choke from behind

If an attacker chokes you with both hands, while you are facing away from the opponent in a standing (not moving) position, reach both hands back over your shoulders (palms facing the opponent and fingers outstretched to scare or scratch your opponent) to pluck your attackers hands. Shifting slight left, deliver a Hammer-fist strike to the attackers groins. Immediately raise the attack arm elbow back and up towards the opponents face using a #5 elbow technique, but not to make contact, only to make space. When the elbow reaches shoulder level, cock it back for a #3 elbowto the opponents face. Based on your position, you may shift into a hook punch using the right fist, followed by a forward knee to the opponents groin, or any other combinations that will hasten a safe escape.

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This information is for Brady J. Frey's personal training records & is not intended as a replacement for live, professional Krav Maga training. I am in no way responsible for your disregard to this warning. Please contact me if you have questions.