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Logs for Level 2 : Punches

Uppercut Punch

Positioning yourself in a fighting stance, level your arm down, fist rotated out so that your palm faces your body. Aiming contact with the middle/index finger for greater stability, angle your arm to an outstretched, 45°. Lifting with your legs with the ball of your feet, strike your opponent with structured power to the face as intended.

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Hook Punch

The important note of a hook punch: it’s in the body, not a swing of the arm. Drop your fist and forearm from your fighting stance down and parallel to your body position (your fist can either face yourself from palm side to your body, or the traditional thumb side to your body). Stiffen and lean into the punch with your body, again, there is no power in just an arm punch. Pivot on the same foot as your punching arm, provide a little hip movement and a strong lean into the target.

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This information is for Brady J. Frey's personal training records & is not intended as a replacement for live, professional Krav Maga training. I am in no way responsible for your disregard to this warning. Please contact me if you have questions.