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Logs for Level 1 : Kicks

Front Kick – Vertical Target

See Groin Kick, but with emphasis for distance and possibly to the head. The technique requests a ball of foot attck – and is commonly taught as a frontal attack to a knife armed assailant.

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Round Kick

Rotate your body sideways in a fluid, single attack – striking with the shin to foot location, and landing with the top of your foot for strong control. Krav advocates a ‘push’ when the kick makes contact (push is not the professional term but good for my records); essentially kicking and leaning in for added strength. Landing can be based on position, but is always meant for security and control. As always, guard never leaves.

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Groin Kick

Standard issue front – straight kick, using the ball of your foot. Typical of other martial arts is to lean in for extra lift and forward power. Krav Maga does not advocate that method unless at a distance because of the sacrificed footing. As always, you should never drop your arms and drive with assertion!

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This information is for Brady J. Frey's personal training records & is not intended as a replacement for live, professional Krav Maga training. I am in no way responsible for your disregard to this warning. Please contact me if you have questions.